How to set your running goals for the year

Running is a great hobby, but one that requires some commitment.  Whether you are a dedicated runner with the aim of completing a marathon, or an aspiring runner who merely wants to pick up an enjoyable hobby, setting goals for the year ahead is a powerful way to both keep yourself on track and push yourself forward.

Setting the right goals in the right way is essential for success. If your goals are too lofty, too easy, too airy-fairy or out of sync with your true self, you will struggle to make progress.

So, how can you set the right kind of goals?  Once you have bought yourself some of the latest, high-quality Brazilian activewear to help you feel and look the part, it is time to sit down and set those running goals for the year ahead.



Don’t choose goals that other people tell you to set. When that first burst of motivation sputters out, you need a genuinely inspiring reason to slip your Brazilian leggings on, tie up your shoelaces, and hit the footpath. Make sure your running goals are something you truly care about.

Think about why you are running. What is the thing that is going to get you out of bed on those cold mornings where it is raining? Having something you are passionate about will help you keep pushing towards achieving your Goals


You need to strike a balance by setting running goals that push you out of your comfort zone, but are still achievable. If it is too easy, you will allow yourself to get lazy and give yourself too much leeway. On the flipside, if something feels unattainable, you may find yourself making excuses and giving up too easily.


Make sure your goals are very specific. Rather than saying you want to run faster, write down details. For example, if you currently run five kilometres in 35 minutes, you can say you would like to run five kilometres in 30 minutes within four months. From there, break the goal down into monthly and weekly steps so you know exactly what you need to do to stay on target.


Once you have brainstormed a few things you hope to achieve, you need to break them down into bite-sized pieces. If you want to run 10 kilometres without stopping within six months, work backwards. Look at where you are now and set weekly and monthly milestones towards that master goal.


Committing to a community running event adds that extra level of accountability and motivation. You have an immovable deadline and can share your training journey with others - who can prod you to keep up the training if you start to lose focus.

There are lots of great events on all around the country, so hunt out what you have on in your area. Many are fun and casual, so you can participate without needing to run a marathon. But there are also more serious events for the committed runners.

Here at Fashion Brazil we love local events and support two Auckland events in particular. The Get Moving Festival and Run Auckland. Come along and see us there, you can try on and buy some of our products if you are interested.


Don't wait until you are already falling behind in your goals to figure out a way of re-motivating yourself. Before you even begin, do a bit of self-analysis. What challenges do you anticipate? Some of them will be internal - self-doubt, procrastination, or a bit of old fashioned laziness. Others will be external, like lack of time or bad weather.

Set a plan now. How will you work around these challenges and keep progressing? What techniques, rewards, or punishments will you use to motivate yourself when the going gets tough?


Find a way to enjoy your running - mix up your route, listen to your favourite music, run with friends, or take part in a fun running event like a zombie, paint, or mud, run. If you look forward to your run, you will find it much easier to get out of bed and forget about the aches and pains.


Looking and feeling great about yourself when you are running can be a big motivation booster. So, some flattering and comfortable activewear is just what you need to start your running journey for this year.

Brazilian activewear is some of the best in the world, which is why we import it into New Zealand for you! We have an amazing range of running leggings, shorts, tops and accessories to help you achieve your running goals this year. Check out the range in store now.

 Happy running everyone! 

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