The pareo, or Tahitian sarong, has a kissing cousin, the Brazilian Canga. Lighter than a towel, they dry quickly and are hugely popular on Brazilian beaches because of their amazing versatility. The Brazilian Canga can be used as a beach towel, but that's only the beginning.

      The brightly colored Brazilian canga can be used for lounging on the beach, or worn like a dress or skirt. It will dry you off after your swim, then serve as a cover-up when you go to order a drink or snack. On the beach at Rio, they're used as impromptu changing rooms, or you can fold it into a pillow while you're lying on another. You can use a Brazilian canga to bundle your belongings up for carrying them all home. If it gets a bit chilly, the canga is fine as a lightweight blanket or colorful shawl.

      Like the pareo, the canga's versatility is limited only by your imagination. With so many styles to choose from and our affordable prices, you'll want to collect a few to customize your wardrobe, on and off of the beach. Be careful, though - they can become as addictive as they are a versatile fashion accessory.

      We hope you love them as much as we do!

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