Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Exercise Options

There is no escaping the worrying and often heartbreaking news from every corner of the globe that our planet is in trouble. Resources are dwindling, our oceans are scattered with plastic, and rain forests are disappearing.

But what can you do, you are only one person?

While it can feel overwhelming, there are things we each can do to help protect the environment, even when we work out. It may seem like just a drop in the ocean, but all those drops add up and can have a meaningful impact.

There are many ways we can be sustainable when we exercise, from buying high quality exercise gear to ditching the treadmill and heading outdoors.

Here are some sustainable exercise ideas to get you inspired...


From yoga mats and exercise towels to workout apparel, make sure you support responsible and sustainable brands. Our Brazilian activewear is ethically produced and high quality, so you know it will stand the test of time.

Cheap tights from big brands may seem attractive at the time. But often these are made from low quality materials and will not last the distance. The stitching will pull away, the fabric will rub and may even develop holes. That will leave your cheap workout gear only good for the bin - adding to landfills around the country.

It is far better to invest in high quality products that are well made and will last you a long time. Our colourful capri leggings are some of the most popular items we sell and are made to the highest standard. Check them out here.


Plastics are choking our oceans and marine life. And the great news is that we can do something about it. There is really no reason to buy bottled water these days. With refill stations available almost everywhere, save yourself money and be kind to the environment by purchasing a reusable water bottle.

There are plenty of fun and funky patterns available. Depending on your preference, you can get glass, silicone, metal, or any other number of great reusable materials.


If you are a gym-goer and don’t live ridiculously far away, consider being energy efficient by walking, running or cycling to the gym. You will get the bonus of a warm up and cool down en route, burn more calories, and cut down on emissions. Not to mention, there will be some extra dollars in your bank account with those fuel savings.

If the gym is too far away, then why not workout at home? You could even arrange a group workout session with your friends or neighbours to avoid having to hop in the car.


Forget the gym altogether and step outside for a workout. Take to your bicycle, pound the pavements, or hit the hiking trails. You won’t be contributing to the considerable energy consumption of a gym, plus you will be working different muscle groups on varied terrain.

Being outdoors is a natural mood booster, and you will get your daily dose of Vitamin D to keep you smiling.


If you do prefer to work out at a gym, do some research and choose one with strong sustainability and eco-friendly practices. Or encourage your existing gym to go green. They can ditch unsustainable wipes, offer recycle bins, or use energy efficient machines.

If hitting the treadmill, set it to a higher incline rather than a faster speed, this will use less power.


Not everything has to be brand new off the shelves. Save yourself money and live more sustainably by purchasing pre-loved equipment such as dumbbells, yoga mats and exercise equipment.


Get some friends together and go plogging. This new craze involves going for a jog while picking up litter and can be done in parks, beaches, or anywhere that needs a cleanup. This is an excellent idea for a weekend social activity. Cycle to your chosen spot, get fresh air and exercise while you clean up the environment - then enjoy a picnic or swim.

Don’t forget that we have lots of great workout gear available on our website. Keep an eye on our shop, as we are always adding new, great items!

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