Stay on track with your goals!

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Congratulations on your achievement! You embarked on a commitment to improve your health and overall wellness – this is amazing! But, what happens now?  You want to enjoy and flaunt your new energy, healthy glow and the changes in your body – but you don’t want to slip back into normal life, or let your old habits sneak back in.

It is always difficult when we reach the end of a challenge. Suddenly there is no meal plan, no weigh ins, no accountability. It is not uncommon to lose your commitment after a challenge ends.  Many of us have been guilty of this repeatedly, when after reaching our goal weight or strength goal the old habits came back bigger, more destructive and totally destroyed the wins we had on the board.  Here are some tips on how to overcome these self-defeating behaviours we would love to share with you.

How do we stay on track? It is time to plan for what’s next.

Whether you have completed a weight loss challenge or started living a healthier way of life, you have come so far.  We want to give you the support to keep the successes coming, by providing simple tips that you can incorporate into everyday life.

Firstly, setbacks are totally normal –  we set ourselves up for failure with constant exposure to tempting food; lack of support and personal accountability; not being sure what is healthy and what is not; or setting ourselves unrealistic goals!

We understand that the term “unrealistic” has different meanings for different people. It helps to remember that:

“any weight loss plan that is too difficult for you to maintain, or which pushes you back to old habits, isn’t going to help facilitate lasting change.”

Our Top 10 Tips to stay on track with your health & wellness goals

Measure Progress

Scales don’t tell the whole story of weight loss. Look at how your clothes fit. Use an old-fashioned tape measure and measure the cm lost – and record them so you can see your progress.

Plan for success

You have gained so much knowledge throughout your weight loss and fitness journey. Use all that you have learnt, and continue to put it into practice.  Even though you are not weighing in and don’t have a weekly meal plan, you can still use the techniques you learned in your everyday life.


Think back on how you felt and behaved while you were following a challenge or embarking on your new fitness regime. Identify any weakness and make a plan of attack on how you can combat those.

Be Accountable

Find someone you trust, schedule workouts and if you can’t train together, check in with each other. Find a Facebook group that is associated with your gym or fitness group. For example F45 have a great private Facebook group – it is so supportive. Use this tool to communicate how you feel, ask any questions, and scream about any success – celebrate! Create a Fitness Tribe.

Don’t get too hungry!

This is simple, but, so easy to let happen.  When we get to hungry we automatically reach for the easiest and most convenient food and then promise to make it up later – you know you have had that conversation with yourself! Also, it’s important to understand hunger – are you hungry? Hunger comes in waves. So, take some time to understand what you are feeling, have some water and make sure you are not just thirsty.


This is so important in management of weight loss and fitness goals. Studies have shown that interrupted sleep, or not enough sleep, cause weight gain. The recommendation is 8 hours per night but everyone is an individual and some people can thrive on 6 hours per night. Do what is right for you.

Keep a food diary

We know this can be a pain, and can take a bit of time; but it will keep you accountable and help you stay on track with portion sizes, frequency of meals and noting any habits you may be introducing into your nutrition. Also, it will give you the understanding of how salad dressing, sauces and condiments can add up.

Change your language

Celebrate health talk – ditch the word ‘diet’ and talk about fueling your body; don’t use ‘fat’ to describe you and your appearance, use the terms fit, fitter or stronger.


Hidden or not, sugar places such stress on our bodies internally – it spikes your insulin, puts stress on the liver and hinders the detoxification process. This means sugar gets stored as fat!

Do not overestimate how many calories you burn during exercise

It is so easy to think that you have had a hard workout and earnt that treat! – NOOOOO –  celebrate a hard workout with pride, a kick ass attitude and the happy hormones that are released!

Remember; you cannot out train a bad diet!

You can have an enjoyable, fulfilled life that is socially abundant and still be fit, healthy and energetic!  Wellness should not be a chore, it’s a privilege to be able to care for our bodies so well!

Lean on your tribe – we all support each other and use the knowledge of the trainers. They are amazing at giving advice and are so generous with their time and knowledge. Rely on the friendships you are making with other people that are on the same journey as you.

Your vibe attracts your tribe!

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