Labella Mafia Skulls Legging

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Neither the fatigue of a day’s work nor a high-intensity exercise at the time of training.

Amsterdam is the destination chosen as inspiration for this collection. Unique features of the city appear subtly on every piece. The famous visual signs that illuminate the city at dusk appear in the denim, while the illustrious Festival of Flowers is responsible for giving life to the prints.



  • High compression Brazilian Lycra
  • Antibacterial, sweat and odor resistant
  • 50 UV sun protection
  • Running
  • Gym Workouts
  • Dance
  • Yoga
  • Lifestyle 


  • Stays in place during any strenuous exercises
  • Non slipping or adjusting needed, it won't fall down!
  • Super stretchy with great shape retention
  • Sculpts and conforms to your curves 
  • Moisture wicking fabrics to leave you feeling dry and comfortable

Designed to support the body whilst providing firmness, maximum movement and comfort.

We've got you covered - all our shorts, leggings and jumpsuits are made with the highest quality non see through Brazilian fabrics which are hand picked by our designers.

Fabric composition: 73% Polyamide 27% Elastane


♥️  Ethically Made in Brazil