How to cope with the Christmas aftermath!

Getting in shape and staying in shape is hard when we celebrate almost everything with food.    Christmas time of course is one of these events.

It really is the aftermath of the Christmas Feast, the left overs and the lack of motivation because you are out of routine that can cause the Post-Christmas blues and that sends some of us backwards with our health goals.

Here are some tips to help you survive

Think of this as some time out, take the focus off it being all about burning calories. Change the mindset to think more along the lines of simply getting up and moving your body.

After such a busy time of year you really need to calm the mind down and balance everything out, stop to smell the roses.

A lot of people get stressed because they are used to training at a gym but can’t get there because of visitors staying, kids home etc. It is not the end of the world if you miss a week or two of workouts, actually your body will probably enjoy the break. There is also lots of activities you can do outside or at home to benefit your health and fitness if you really can’t stand the thought of not training. Try some lunges or squats, push ups, dips, sit ups, create a mini circuit and think outside the square. Swimming is a great total body activity.

Do not start to cut foods out of your diet. The best way to feel better is to make sure you have added the good foods into your day.   If you do a fruit/veggie/protein/carb/fat check and add in the stuff that you are missing you will balance your diet out without having to stress about the left overs in the fridge that you should not eat.

A healthy mindset with food is giving your body what it needs first, not taking out foods that you view as “Bad”.

So try “Adding in” first not deprivation.

Head into 2019 with some personal goals

The best way to end the “Post Christmas blues” is to move forward into the future with some goals.

You may have a big goal later in the year and can set mini goals that will keep you focused and moving forward.

Get a Journal and write it down. Make yourself accountable. By journaling your day to day mini goals and progress you are creating your own blueprint to success. This is important info about you that can come in handy in the future, that you can look back on and learn from.

Mini goals can be very simple like increasing your water intake, or getting more sleep.

You must remember that No one is perfect! Take the pressure off yourself about trying to be perfect.

You simply Do the best you can on any given day. Make the most of the right here and right now. If you can’t do this very well then it would make a great goal for 2019.

Calm yourself down, give your body what it needs, more your muscles, smell the roses and stay present in each and every moment.

From our family to yours, we wish you a safe and happy holidays!

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