Catherine’s Journey into Fitness!

Can you picture this?

Turning the big 50, feeling frumpy and clothes were very quickly starting to feel tight and uncomfortable!

CVW3 - Catherine’s  Journey into Fitness!

You stand in front of your wardrobe telling yourself that you refuse to spend money on larger clothes but running out of options of what to wear?

Then the unthinkable happens, an invitation arrives to an event you dearly want to go to but the “go-to” little black dress is too little – panic stations and self-confidence plummets!

Well that was me – Catherine 50 and not so fabulous! Apart from the clothes not fitting I was on blood pressure medication, reflux medication and drinking wine every night. Was I happy? Was I enjoying my life?

It was time to take control and start to live the life I wanted to live and be the person I wanted to be! Overcoming fear, self-doubt and the voices in my head telling me “your too old to change” I took control and enlisted a personal trainer. The journey started and they were there every step of the way – I started to achieve things I never thought I could achieve, I changed my mindset, I changed my routine and I changed my life.

14Kg lighter I started to feel, well, sexy! Strong! Powerful! I wanted to the world to stand up and take notice of the new and improved Catherine and that was when Fashion Brazil entered my life.

Oh my goodness the colours that I had to choose from – a kaleidoscope of inspiration and motivation dancing before my eyes!

The first pair I decided on are pink, blue, purple … every colour of the rainbow, they are gorgeous to look at but not only that, you put them on they are comfortable and they stay where they should through all sorts of exercise!

The 2nd pair I invested in are red & black – with the success of the first pair and how they performed, fit and felt I couldn’t stop!

Fashion Brazil give me the “sass” I crave as my body changes and my confidence grows – they are my motivation and my reward for all the hard work that I put in!

My next goal is to lose another 5kg – this is to happen all in 2017!

I wonder what colour Fashion Brazil tights I’ll choose then?

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