Commonwealths - Anna’s weightlifting journey

Anna’s weightlifting journey

Commonwealths - Anna’s weightlifting journeyIn five years Anna Claire Thompson has gone from an ordinary mum to an international powerlifter! And she is not ready to stop yet!

My extensive collection of Fashion Brazil represents my journey of how I have, in five years, gone from ordinary mum to international powerlifter!

At age 30, with three small children, a sedentary lifestyle and chronic back pain, I had no idea that taking up weight training would lead me to representing my country in a sport.

I first experienced the comfort of Fashion Brazil leggings in 2015, when I was competing at the New Zealand fitness expo.  

I was on the lookout for some bright, patterned leggings. The Fashion Brazil tall caught my eye and ignited my curiosity!

Definitely the best looking leggings in the whole Expo hall. I spent aaagggggeeesss there, trying on different leggings, making hard choices.

Eventually left with three pairs of Rola Moca leggings. Those same pairs are still going strong today, and I’ve been adding to my collection ever since.

My Fashion Brazil leggings fit better, stay up better, and have lasted better than any other leggings I’ve owned. They seem small on the rack, but stretch really nicely as you put them on to make a comfortable fit with just the right amount of compression.”

The bright, exciting colours and patterns of the Fashion Brazil activewear reflect what I’ve gained from strength training and how my self-confidence has grown.

No more trying to shrink into the background or blend in!

I’m training because I love my body and I’m celebrating what it’s capable of. I’m proudly taking up space in a traditionally male-dominated sport, not fading into the background but persisting in my journey to find out just how far I can go.

Training is intense but carefully balanced so that I can lead a somewhat normal life outside of powerlifting – caring for my family, running my art jewelry business and odd jobbing to help pay for the considerable expenses of training and competing at this level. I train in the gym four days a week, and with recovery activities and physical therapy time included I spend 15-20 hours a week working on getting stronger.

I live in Central Otago, the coldest and hottest region in New Zealand. I wear my full-length Fashion Brazil tights to train in below zero temperatures in my garage gym and as a thermal layer under my snow pants up the mountain snowboarding. I wear my 3/4 leggings on the hottest of summer days to run in the hills or for a sweat-drenched CrossFit session, and the breathable fabric makes them still comfortable in any temperature!

The waistbands on Fashion Brazil leggings stay in place better than any other leggings I’ve owned. They smooth out your profile as well, there’s no visible panty line and they hold in the squishy bits with the thick, supportive fabric and high cut waist.”

Currently I am concentrating on Powerlifting. I have been privileged to be selected to represent New Zealand twice so far at the Commonwealth and Oceania Powerlifting Champs, and I’m preparing for my third, the Oceania Powerlifting Champs in Singapore, pending selection.

It is with this goal in my sight and the support and WOW factor that Fashion Brazil Activewear gives me that make me stand out and be a strong and powerful woman in a very male dominated sport!  Watch this space as I take you through the journey of the lead up to the Oceania Powerlifting Champs in Singapore.


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